How to identify the quality of LED power supply ?

The application of LED power supply is so extensive that more and more people want to know how to identify the quality of LED power supply. Here are some tips. 

How to identify the quality of LED power supply ?

First, the quality of the output capacitor. The output terminal has a switching frequency as high as 60,000 times per second, which leads the parasitic resistance of the capacitor heating up and produces scale-like substances,which result electrolyte heating up and the Explosicum. Tiny patch resistance and poor choice will lead to cost difference and greatly shorten the life of power supply.

Second, pay attention to the circuit design and welding process design of power supply products. Leaving aside the professional perspective, it can be distinguished by some intuitive methods, such as neat, tidy and orderly component layout, clean and straight welding point. Flying wires and hand-made components, means lacking of technical strength. As we all know, mechanized wave soldering technology with a feature of red glue on the back of circuit, is definitely better than manual welding . At present, the flashing phenomenon of lamps and lanterns in use for a period of time is basically caused by the virtual welding of power supply or lamp beads. However, it is extremely difficult to detect the virtual welding of products through aging detection, so it is necessary to rely on AOI process to detect the patch quality of power supply.

 Third, batch aging testing. Because the incoming inspection of electronic components and transformers is difficult to control. Only through the aging of the entire batch of power supply in high-temperature room it can analyze the quality and stability of the batch of power supply and whether there are potential safety hazards in the materials.